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might buy a wheelchair

and roll out of this town

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16 May 1990
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"if you think the idea of angelina jolie sleeping with another woman is an abomination, you're gay...this is what the pope thinks about when he masterbates. it's not an abomination. it's what should be replacing baseball as our national pasttime"-bill maher

boys, you must strive to find your own voice
because the longer you wait to begin,
the less likely you are to find it at all
thoreau said,
"most men lead lives of quiet desperation"
don't be resigned to that
break out!
~mr keating
(dead poets society)

hello, here's some stuff to read:

favorite comedians: conan, mitch hedberg, matt and trey, jack black, adam sandler, darrell hammond, zach galifianakis, demetri martin...

favorite musicians: the doors, the who, owen, beck, ben folds, okgo, the shins, bob dylan...

favorite actors: james dean, matthew broderick, johnny depp, angelina jolie, leonardo dicaprio, jimmy fallon, kiera knightley, jake gyllenhaal, hal sparks, jena malone, macaulay culkin, tobey mcguire, natalie portman, jason schwartzman, mandy moore, topher grace...

favorite shows: queer as folk, antm, the daily show, road rules, late night with conan o'brien, the o.c., snl, american idol, that 70s show, i love the 70s/80s/90s series, the surreal life, the comedians of comedy...

favorite movies: love actually, donnie darko, finding neverland, saved!, star wars, sixteen candles, garden state, spaceballs, the upside of anger, dazed and confused, dead poets society, romeo and juliet, igby goes down, pirates of the caribbean, anchorman, the family stone, swing kids, blades of glory, knocked up...

i really like kurt halsey (frederiksen) and a lot of things you may find in my journal are from pieces of his

click on the leo colorbar (i made it!!) to see the rest of them

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(since april 18th 2005)

aaron kraten, adam sandler, alkaline trio, all american rejects, angelina jolie, anthony fedorov, anthony kiedis, art, baseketball, beck, best week ever, bill clinton, bill maher, black and white photography, blink 182, boy meets world, brand new, bright eyes, caroline trentini, catcher in the rye, chris botti, christina aguilera, conan o'brien, constantine maroulis, corey feldman, count the stars, da ali g show, dane cook, danny masterson, darrell hammond, dashboard confessional, dat phan, david arquette, dead poet's society, demetri martin, donnie darko, elliott smith, elliott yamin, endicott, equal rights, everybody loves raymond, fenix tx, flea, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, gemma ward, green day, guns and roses, hal sparks, jacks mannequin, jake gyllenhaal, james blunt, jane's addiction, jessica stam, jet, jim morrison, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, jon stewart, juliana theory, keith moon, kevin hart, kurt halsey, leonardo dicaprio, liars academy, malcolm in the middle, mango, maroon 5, mary-kate olsen, matchbook romance, matthew broderick, midtown, mitch hedberg, mka, motion city soundtrack, mr. peepers, my wife and kids, photobooths, photography, queer as folk, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, river phoenix, rivers cuomo, robert sean leonard, romeo and juliet, slash, smile empty soul, snl, something corporate, southpark, star wars, stella, tenacious d, that 70s show, the daily show, the doors, the simpsons, the starting line, the who, thrice, thursday, tim meadows, tom delonge, trey parker, unwritten law, val kilmer, velvet revolver, weezer, will ferrell, zach braff

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