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you know how i know you're gay?
you've seen rent...three times

you know how i know you're gay?
you like coldplay

you know how i know you're gay?
you put your penis inside guys assholes

:uses appropriate icon:

i just watched the 40 year old virgin
that movie is hilarious
i love steve carell and paul rudd and the guy who played their friend cal

you know how i know you're gay?
you waxed your anus

you know how i know you're gay?
you waxed my anus
kurt halsey

i'm an idiot

oh man
i found my camera
it was in a side pocket of my bag
i could've sworn i'd searched every pocket a million times
and i bought my sister a new memory card this morning
so now i have a 512 of my own (yay!)

and i'll be in miami for this week

and i bought michael buble's album
it's great

see (well, not really see...but you get the point) you guys in a week
kurt halsey

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so shopgirl comes out on dvd on april 25th (if i'm remembering correctly)
anyone see it?
i can't wait to watch it

speaking of movies, do any of you have any amazing movies that you think i should see?
my netflix list is pretty long but there's always room for more

i'm running for historian of ecology club today after school
with courtney
we're gonna be co-historians (if we win)

i have nothing to write about
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r.i.p. mitch hedberg
it's been a whole year

chem trip tomorrow
i have to be at school at 5:30
but it's going to be awesome
more on that when i get back

i got a 56% on today's chem test
: (
it was super hard, i didn't study and i predicted a 53%...so whatever, i guess

now i have to pack
then shower time
then set-the-dvd-recorder time
then sleep time

i love you all
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movies, movies and more movies

so two weeks ago, i said i was getting netflix
they give you a free 2-week-trial to try it out
and now that that's over, i'm going to review all the movies i've rented in the past two weeks
because you know you care...(okay, just pretend that you care)

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i can't wait until i get to watch the next few movies in my queue
netflix is amazing

i've been so busy lately
too busy to sleep..
actually, it's not that i'm super busy
it's more like, my priorities are a little messed up
if i had to make a list, school would be at the bottom

speaking of school, things are so lame there
chemistry is impossible for me because i don't have prior knowledge like she expects and it's so un-interesting to me
and algebra 2 is hard
it's not even an honors class
i'm terrible at algebra
photo class is awesome
i love taking and developing photos with my oatmeal box camera

i've survived the first of two conan-less weeks (because of the olympics...boo)
it's tough, lol
but seriously, i can't wait until late night starts playing again
life is so much less dull when conan's on tv
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kurt halsey

i'm an idiot

i love coffee
i love coffee
i love coffee
hey hey hey hey

i think i'll add little rascals to my netflix list

it's past midnight
and i still haven't done my chemistry project
but at least i'm wide awake, still
tomorrow's gonna be a drag
mondays always are
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kurt halsey

holy long entry batman

friday night
coffee house was fun
went with jacyln and claire
the music was awesome
mr flynn is awesome
he reminds me of mr azzarito + vocal and guitar talent
i think i'll take guitar class next year or something
went to town center to walk around and stuff

snl was great
james blunt is my new favorite
and i want his babies cd
you're beautiful is such a good song
and dane (cook) was brilliant

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i'm going to make a "christmas list" soon
socks will be at the top
but right under back to bedlam - james blunt's cd, of course

i wish i could go to the florida show kurt (halsey) is having
what if he never comes to florida again?
but it's not going to happen
so i guess i should just get over it