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best a long time

i need to do laundry sooooo badly

last night was chelsea's party
then a few of us slept over
and went to the mall in the morning
and i got a haircut
and 2 cute headbands

my glasses got scratched when i left them on a table at chelsea's party
so i went to work without them
and with my new haircut
and like all the guys that i was closing with complimented me on my haircut
and that i looking good with my contacts, lol (i even thought about getting contacts because of all the people that said i looking good with them, hah)
and danny (who's suuuper hot and funny and stuff) said i had a nice smile
which is funny, because i HATE my smile
guys don't give me compliments
especially hot older guys

greg pointed out these extra-long hot dogs (they were probably a foot long)and drew was like "yeah, those are almost as big as me...if you put them all together...almost"

peter drove me home from work
he has a red mustang
i'm jealous
i totally did a dane cook (his first time getting head and she couldn't find the door handle in the dark) when i was getting out of his car
it was funny

i'm so tired

i love the people i work with

i still have 2 netflix movies that i need to watch
i think i'll watch one tonight
even though i have to wake up super early
thank god for coffee

alright, that's enough for now

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