nikki (baba_0riley) wrote,

so, since my last update, i met Wynton Marsalis
i'll give you a quick version of everything that happened because i should be doing my math hw
(it is due next hour)
you guys know how awesome that is because i even capitalized his name, lol

for anyone who might have no clue who he is...
he's the best trumpet ever
he's won 9 grammys and a pulitzer prize for his music
now back to the story

i went to his concert in miami
he directed, instead of playing trumpet, for all of the songs they did
it was so different than anything i'd ever heard
it was great
afterwards, we got "backstage" and met him
(backstage was a random hallway)
alex schechter (best trumpet player in my school, by far) was there
he'd brought his trumpet and he was asking Wynton for tips
Wynton listened to him play and then told him stuff he could do to improve on certain things and demonstrated on alex's trumpet!
i got out my camera and got about a minute of him playing (coolest clip ever!)
then my grandma said something along the lines of: "we're alli jaffin's grandparents (at which point he mentioned how he loves alli) she said you promised to give nikki a lesson next time we're in new york"
so he took the program i was holding and wrote "yes", 2 of his phone numbers (!!) and signed it
i asked him to sign a ticket for claire too and he did
(she freaked out when i gave it to her)
he's such a nice guy
and it was so awesome hearing him playing alex's trumpet just on the spot

i didn't reread this because i have to go (i hope it makes sense)

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