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if i randomly found $800 in my jean pocket, i'd probably buy this
and just for fun...

all of a sudden, i'm tempted to sell my trumpet

and i have a library card now
which pretty much means that my cd collection is going to magically expand...and also, i can check out stacks and stacks of books (yay!...lol)

and i downloaded the new beck cd that comes out like next week
i don't have an opinion on it yet
i do like the song i'm listening to now
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current disappointment = k790a

i've had my cell phone for practically a billion years
like 4 years
so i was looking around at different phones
and i came across this
and i fell in love with it
it looks so amazing
and it's way too expensive for me to even consider
i mean, i could totally afford it if i really wanted to because i've been saving up most of my paychecks but i think i'd feel wierd spending so much money on a phone

none of the other phones come close

edit: actually, this one looks pretty awesome too
a picture calls

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i'm tired
i'm still not even close to finished with my project
i'm very unprepared for tomorrow (or today, rather)
i feel sick

but most of all,
i need to learn time management

: /
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i got a car
i got a car
i got a car
hey hey hey hey

it's a brand new honda civic
four door
in black
and it's mine!
i love it

pictures to come...eventually
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woot woot
got my driver's license today

around 6 tonight, i'm flying out
family vacation
and i'll be gone til july 16th

if things work out, i'll be at the tuesday taping of conan
if i can grab me some stanby tickets
if not, i'll be way disapointed
but it's all good
because being sad/bored in new york is nearly impossible

saw pirates last night
i'm still not exactly sure what i think about it
i think i liked it though, a lot

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best day....in a long time

i need to do laundry sooooo badly

last night was chelsea's party
then a few of us slept over
and went to the mall in the morning
and i got a haircut
and 2 cute headbands

my glasses got scratched when i left them on a table at chelsea's party
so i went to work without them
and with my new haircut
and like all the guys that i was closing with complimented me on my haircut
and that i looking good with my contacts, lol (i even thought about getting contacts because of all the people that said i looking good with them, hah)
and danny (who's suuuper hot and funny and stuff) said i had a nice smile
which is funny, because i HATE my smile
guys don't give me compliments
especially hot older guys

greg pointed out these extra-long hot dogs (they were probably a foot long)and drew was like "yeah, those are almost as big as me...if you put them all together...almost"

peter drove me home from work
he has a red mustang
i'm jealous
i totally did a dane cook (his first time getting head and she couldn't find the door handle in the dark) when i was getting out of his car
it was funny

i'm so tired

i love the people i work with

i still have 2 netflix movies that i need to watch
i think i'll watch one tonight
even though i have to wake up super early
thank god for coffee

alright, that's enough for now
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today feels like a friday

i'm addicted to the show "house"
and i just realized that one of the doctors' name is eric foreman
like eric from that 70s show
i never realized because they always just call him foreman
he's a sexy sexy man (omar epps)

and one day in accounting when i had a laptop and nothing to do, i made a list of quotes
from tv shows and stuff
they're all great

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and i've fallen in love with the work of craig mcdean
he's an amazing photographer (mostly fashion)
gorgeous stuff
i'll include some of his pics in my next entry as well
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so, since my last update, i met Wynton Marsalis
i'll give you a quick version of everything that happened because i should be doing my math hw
(it is due next hour)
you guys know how awesome that is because i even capitalized his name, lol

for anyone who might have no clue who he is...
he's the best trumpet player...like ever
he's won 9 grammys and a pulitzer prize for his music
now back to the story

i went to his concert in miami
he directed, instead of playing trumpet, for all of the songs they did
it was so different than anything i'd ever heard
it was great
afterwards, we got "backstage" and met him
(backstage was a random hallway)
alex schechter (best trumpet player in my school, by far) was there
he'd brought his trumpet and he was asking Wynton for tips
Wynton listened to him play and then told him stuff he could do to improve on certain things and demonstrated on alex's trumpet!
i got out my camera and got about a minute of him playing (coolest clip ever!)
then my grandma said something along the lines of: "we're alli jaffin's grandparents (at which point he mentioned how he loves alli) she said you promised to give nikki a lesson next time we're in new york"
so he took the program i was holding and wrote "yes", 2 of his phone numbers (!!) and signed it
i asked him to sign a ticket for claire too and he did
(she freaked out when i gave it to her)
he's such a nice guy
and it was so awesome hearing him playing alex's trumpet just on the spot

i didn't reread this because i have to go (i hope it makes sense)